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The Legend

The Chef

Lemon espresso kitchen soap


With the construction of the railway that linked beautiful Canada from East to West, a flood of Chinese workers entered the country. One of these workers took up residence on the banks of the Missisquoi River near Eastman. He opened a small canteen where one could enjoy Tao General Chicken, Chow Mein, Egg Rolls, Tom Yum soup, Dumplings and Kimchis. No, shepherd's pie wasn't one of them!

At the end of the 1800s, these meals were radically different from the traditional meals of the locals. Let's talk about the locals! Pure-hearted people, working hard on their land from morning till night, trying to grow vegetables in the middle of the rock! Always the same habits and custard, uh... customs, praying to little Jesus that the harvest would be generous and, in every way, the same as the previous year. What these people disliked most was change.

The day the Chef settled down, there was a lot of chatter. He was taken to task, people were suspicious of the unfamiliar smells that floated around the canteen. Only a few crazy people with eccentric goatees and forked tongues had ventured to greet this wind of change loud and clear! They didn't hesitate to go and eat the exotic dishes of the Chef and spreading the rumour that we were coming out fresh and rejuvenated. The pleasure was all the more intense as these young people often ended up near a fire, talking about all and nothing, and about the faraway places where the Chef came from. The echo of the laughter eventually made its way to the village, and without any further detour reported the rumour of the existence of the "little special one".

The parish priest and his horde of devotees, who couldn't hold their curiosity any longer, volunteered to go and unravel the mystery of the "little special one". As soon as they arrived at the canteen, the smells of ginger, coriander, fennel, pepper and lemongrass coming from the kitchen took over their sense of smell. Mouth watering, the table of good people boldly asked for the "little special". The Chef, eager to satisfy their desire, returned with small rectangles that gave off a lemony smell. They all took a bite at the same time, and all spat out at the same time. The kitchen boy, bewildered, wondered why they had tried to eat the "little special" that was for washing their hands, not for eating! So, before judging, it's better to try!

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