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Our Legends

The legends were born from the imagination of the owner of the Savonnerie des Diligences, Marie-Ève Lejour, a woman of letters and a bachelor of French studies, surrounded by her team. Each legend is accompanied by a soap and an original illustration created by Studio Sans Cravate.

This colossal, and at first glance completely crazy, project of associating a consumer product (soap) with art and creativity, has influenced the course of the Savonnerie des Diligences history. These soaps, which have created our distinction, now convey all the love, as well as all the creativity and intensity of joy that animates us.

The Matchmaker

The Roaring Twenties in Montreal can be summed up in a few words: slave wages, booze, jazz, blues and loose morals. Bars, hotels and clubs proliferated and the brothels were...

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The Monster of the Lake

Calling all citizens: The Lake Orford Monster is WANTED ALIVE – AWARD OFFEREDA sea dragon – a giant fish with a dinosaur head and dragon spines – a truly fearsome...

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The Barber

Conrad the barber was intimately familiar with the best-kept beards and moustaches in the village... and the nicest teeth, for reasons you will soon understand.Each morning before his first coffee,...

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The Chocolate Maker

At the peak of his heartache, a man discovered the euphoric properties of chocolate. The happy hormone secreted by the cocoa bean can return spark to the pure of heart...

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The Dragon

In the recent past, Eastman residents began noticing that parts of its cultural heritage were disappearing: the sundial from Parc du temps qui passe [as-time-goes-by park], a short stretch of...

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The Outsider

La Survenante was an ageless woman with a faraway look. She was always on the move, traveling back and forth between the village of Foster and Orford, by road and...

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The fur Trader

Ulysse Boismenu was a seasoned merchant and coureur des bois who knew New France’s forests like the back of his hand – from mountain to river and valley to clearing....

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Lady Mellow

This legend comes from Ruisseau Danseur, a charming village in the Mauricie region. It was the birthplace of a girl who very early in life came to be known as...

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The Mountain Witch

For as long as anyone can remember, the Witch of the Mountain has lived in a secret cave under Mount Orford in the Eastern Townships. Though human in appearance, she...

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The Mermaid

According to local Rivière-Éternité legend, some summer evenings, mermaid song can be heard in Saguenay Fjord. As they swim in its cold waters, their voices are said to rise above...

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The Queen bee

The end began with the dawn of the industrial revolution in 1850 and culminated in 2055. It was a long downward spiral of exponential greed, arrogance and folly that finally...

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The Gypsy

Some women leave no one indifferent. They are adored or hated, inspiring enchantment or disgust. The Gypsy was one such woman, like her patchouli soap.

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The Yarn Spinner

Marie-Ange Prud’homme had a name as long as the long journey that had brought her and a hundred “filles du roy”, or King’s Daughters, across the ocean to New France....

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The Painting artist

The young Félix Lumignon grew up in Caucade, a little village perched between sea and mountain, where the juicy and fragrant Nice oranges are grown. He was an only child,...

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Miss Claire Fontaine

Claire Fontaine came into this world in 1740, before Bolton Township was legally incorporated. At that time, the only way to the main road was the Missisquoi river, south down...

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The Fairy

Long ago, in the land where fairies dwell, the Fairy Queen and the Elven King were getting married. That year, in order to plan and prepare the celebrations, many fairies...

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The Coachman

This story takes place in Eastman, or more precisely Dingman’s Flat, as it was known at the end of the 19th century, named for John Dingman, owner of a splendid...

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