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The Legend

The Queen bee

Honey soap


The end began with the dawn of the industrial revolution in 1850 and culminated in 2055. It was a long downward spiral of exponential greed, arrogance and folly that finally devoured humankind.

All of the bees are dead, except me, the Queen Bee thought sadly. Alongside the Creator, she had witnessed glaciation, extinctions and solar storms, but she had never, ever encountered beings as pragmatic and efficient in the art of destruction as humankind. Respect, friendship, dignity, knowledge, memory and solidarity were all cast aside.

Many years after the last tree was felled, the Creator and the Queen Bee were still talking about the extent of the disaster. The Queen opened her heart to the Creator. “In their controlling frenzy, humans showed that they were incapable of respect and caring for others. Their thirst for power was more destructive than radiation, Varroa mites, cell phones, transportation and pollution... What’s the point of going on?”

The Creator: Who knows? Maybe this time we’ll get it right!

The Queen Bee: How can you believe that? The air, water and soil are contaminated forever – nothing can grow. And the only mountains left are made of plastic bottles! The vicious cycle will repeat...

The Creator: My dear Queen, I agree that the list of blunders is longer and more disastrous than ever before. But maybe humankind has learned from its mistakes. Understand that I must do whatever is possible in my mission to create life on Earth.
And with those words, he transformed into a bee and fertilized the Queen.

After a time, the colony was back on its feet. And the bees zealously went out into the world to find a place where life could once again flourish.

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