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Our Legends

The legends were born from the imagination of the owner of the Savonnerie des Diligences, Marie-Ève Lejour, a woman of letters and a bachelor of French studies, surrounded by her team. Each legend is accompanied by a soap and an original illustration created by Studio Sans Cravate.

This colossal, and at first glance completely crazy, project of associating a consumer product (soap) with art and creativity, has influenced the course of the Savonnerie des Diligences history. These soaps, which have created our distinction, now convey all the love, as well as all the creativity and intensity of joy that animates us.

The Botanist

They are there, one in front of the other. One is human, the other plant. This is THE meeting between the botanist, Brother Marie-Victorin and the Mingan thistle, a rare...

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The Conteur

Jean Converse was born to an Anglophone father and a Francophone mother, an exception for the time.

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The Globetrotter

While the exploration and discovery of territories, throughout history, seemed to be a profession reserved for men, in recent decades we have seen the appearance of a new species of...

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Alice Brassard, nee Poulin, was born into a family of seven children in St-Georges-de-Beauce in 1923. She had the curiosity and intelligence that could have carried her on to higher...

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Mrs Mophead

Although a name like Mrs. Mophead (Madame Tignasse) conjures images of a person with a head of thick, unruly and unkempt hair, she was far from all of that. She...

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Mrs Butternut

Ernestine Butternut was born in 1901 in North Hatley, a small English Eastern Townships community. She raised her children to be creative and persevere. “Always pursue your dreams,” she drilled...

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The Ingenious

I'm going to tell you a legend. That of Eugénie, who was aptly named. Ingenious from a very young age, her head was bubbling with ideas for inventions and concoctions...

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The Traveler

One particularly hot night as he contemplated the Pleiades at Mont-Mégantic, he found a change purse filled with ancient foreign coins: pesos, rubies, shillings, Louis d’or and many more. There...

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The Wine Maker

Aimé Lavigne was born into a French winemaking family. He loved nature and tradition. With his wife, Rose Labrise, he dreamed of one day taking over the family vineyards. In...

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The spirit of the forest

In the beginning, there was nothing. Then on the earth, came blue: the Water. Then on the earth, came yellow: the Sun. And then came the fusion of these two...

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The Lumberjack

At a time when rivers were the fastest form of transportation, each fall the lumberjack Yvan Beauchemin left his native home in the Eastern Townships to clear and log in...

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The Dreamer

Once upon a time, there was a young man whose head was filled with dreams. He dreamed night and day, to the consternation of those around him. Why did his...

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The Poet

Once upon a time, a lover of literature who scribbled poems night and day dreamed of achieving the fame of Verlaine, Rimbaud or Shakespeare. In search of sad and dramatic...

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The Patriot

In 1838, “Ti-Jacques” Marceau, a valiant and courageous man, joined Les Patriotes, a rebel organization created to free New France from the yoke of the English. “Ti-Jacques” quickly became an...

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Mama Africa

Some people dare to dream of a better life despite the uncertainty and pitfalls along the way. Euphrasie Mougalinda was one such person. Very young, she resolved to get an...

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Mrs Blancheville

During the long winter months, customers tended to stay home. Solange filled her time offering free cleaning to her less well-off customers and organizing teams to collect garbage along the...

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The Musician

Once upon a time, there was a young man who was filled with music. From dawn until dusk, in his ears and his mouth, in his mind and his heart,...

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The Distiller

This story takes place in 1922, in the Township of Potton, along the US border. In those days, Émilien Vallée, a farmer by trade but mostly an inveterate drinker, found...

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The Chef

With the construction of the railway that linked beautiful Canada from East to West, a flood of Chinese workers entered the country. One of these workers took up residence on...

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The Gardener

Kafka Roth was a Polish soldier who, during the Second World War, fled Poland for Abitibi, where he settled, convinced he had found peace. He had always loved gardening. His...

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