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Our Green Committee

Since its very beginning in 2005, Savonnerie des Diligences has always had a green thumb. To be honest, we have always believed that it is possible to change the world one gesture at a time when you have a team of responsible, ethical, conscientious people who are respectful of others and the environment. It is for this reason that we have made the following choices with the welfare of our planet in mind and at heart:

  1. We offer bulk soap bars, and we have always systematically refused to produce liquid soap to avoid having to use bottles. Also, our soaps do not dry out your skin, thus allowing you to avoid using any form of hydrating creams.

  2. We offer products that are without toxic chemicals and we favor the use of vegetable oils and beeswax over animal fats.

  3. We use a number of organic ingredients and our vegetable oils are without GMOs, as well as favoring the use of local products as much as possible. We work with beeswax from Mirabel, sunflower oil from Améroquois farm, conifer essential oils from Aliksir and Zayat Aroma and plants sourced from the gardens of Oneka Elements.

  4. We created a line of zero waste products by using returnable Mason jars.

  5. We are three time finalists for the Excellence in environment Eastern Townships award (2008, 2010 and 2016).

  6. We are ranked as 81% eco-responsible by the Green Pages.

  7. Absolutely no soap matter is lost during our fabrication process as the soap shards are either sold to our employees at little cost or used in our Soap flakes with sea salts.

To keep striving to change the world one gesture at a time, the Savonnerie des Diligences team decided in 2020 to adhere to RECYC-QUÉBEC as to obtain their ICI On recycle + accreditation. This program aims to restore a sound management of residual matters within companies. It is based on the objectives set by the Politique québécoise de la gestion des matières résiduelles (PQGMR). Its main goal is that the only residual matter eliminated in Québec is the ultimate residue, one that cannot be reused, recycled or exploited.

To answer to the goals and requirements of the program, the Green Committee of the Savonnerie des Diligences sees the day in 2020! This committee goes even further than the previously mentioned actions thanks to a group of employees that make sure to maintain and develop significant environmental actions.

A large number of actions are already in place and the committee will continue to develop more in the coming years. First of all, new equipment and adapted posting have been progressively put into place within the enterprise. The employees have asked that all residual matters be placed in well identified containers.The committee also takes the time to help, involve and advise our different departments as to encourage them to make the best choices possible when it comes to what to do with residual waste. It is important that all employees be invited to share their ideas and needs with the committee!

A new challenge arrived two years ago with the obligation for employees to wear a procedure mask at all times during their work shift. The Green committee needed help and found it in Terracycle, a social enterprise whose' goal was to create the Zero Waste Box. These boxes made it possible to recycle articles that were not accepted in the municipal recycling bins.The committee purchased three of these boxes: one for masks, ear plugs, safety glasses and beard nets (it can be found by the main entrance), one for latex and nitrile gloves (placed close to where our soap are produced) and one for cigarette buts (outside of the building, at the designated smoking spot). There is a plan to build compost bins in which residues from the employees kitchen as well as all garden residues will be placed.

The committee also found a way to give a second life to all the residual matter created when we macerate plants in the oils used in our soaps and body products. Instead of placing these byproducts in compost bins, they are donated to a local animal rehabilitation sanctuary, Refuge Lobadanaki. This ‘’waste’’ is now used to feed the animals! We believe this is truly a perfect win-win solution.

The committee has also created a wonderful garden on site! Instead of needing to use geotextile to be able to plant directly in the ground, it was decided upon using wooden raised gardening boxes. They will also be planting medicinal plants to attract pollinating insects.Vegetables such as tomatoes and bell peppers are planted as well as to offer to employees to snack on.

Last but not least, the Green committee had the brilliant idea of repurposing the absorbent paper towels used to clean the bottom of the pot used to make soaps by turning them into fire starters. It’s a great way to avoid needless waste! The committee is constantly striving to find innovative ways to reduce our green footprint. Because at Savonnerie des Diligences, finding ways to protect the health of our planet will always be a part of our most fundamental values.

The committee has even created a mascot as to be even more identifiable in its publications, official messages and all postings! 


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