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A second life for our Mason jars

We have all purchased either spaghetti sauce, jam or certain Savonnerie des Diligences products. What do these items have in common you may ask? It’s the famous glass jar, better known as a Mason jar! With more and more items being offered in these zero waste jars, what can we do with them once they are empty? Here are a few suggestions on how to give your Mason jars a second life!

Re-use for products you buy in bulk

Buying in bulk has its advantages. Among other things, it helps us to save money, to buy more responsibly and to create less waste. The Mason jars therefore become the ideal containers in which to carry and store your bulk products.

An ideal breakfast jar

May we suggest that you reuse your Mason jars to help you save time during busy mornings! Prepare your breakfast the night before, put it in a Mason jar and place it in the fridge to save precious time. You will also wake up to a delicious and nutritious breakfast. Here are a few suggestions for you!

    A fresh herbs window garden

    Always wanted fresh herbs close at hand? Planting herbs in a Mason jar will allow you to leave them in your kitchen and ensure easy access when preparing a meal.The added bonus is that they are a nice decoration and smell divine!

    A lovely flower vase

    A nice way to repurpose your jars is to use them as vases for cut flowers.There is also no limit to how you choose to decorate your jar to turn it into a unique vase that only you have!

    The perfect terrarium

    A terrarium is simple to maintain and serves as a beautiful decoration as well. A Mason jar is the ideal vessel, as the glass allows the plants to have access to all the light they need!

    Dessert bowls

    The little Mason jars, such as those that hold our body butter, are simply perfect for preparing and serving your great deserts in style.

    Storage container

    Looking To better organize your environment? Mason jars can help as it is easy to use them to store different small objects. Once again, the jars can also be decorated to fit the decor of the room they are in. Let your creativity run wild!

    We would love to hear about how you repurpose your Mason jars! Don't hesitate to share your ideas with us on our Facebook or Instagram accounts!


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