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The Legend

The Monster of the Lake

Fresh mint soap


Calling all citizens: The Lake Orford Monster is WANTED ALIVE – AWARD OFFERED

A sea dragon – a giant fish with a dinosaur head and dragon spines – a truly fearsome creature – has been seen swimming in the waters of Lake Orford. All evidence points to the monster being trapped there. It is said that it made its way to the lake through underground caverns up to 300 feet beneath the surface.

The creature appears to be most active from April through October. It is particularly fond of the mint that grows wild along the lake shore, so exercise caution in those areas. The creature appears when mint first sprouts in spring and disappears with the threat of frost. One might conclude that it dislikes the cold.

The Lake Orford Monster is believed to have poor eyesight and steals swimmers’ flippers and floats. These apparently harmless acts are a threat to the peace of mind of cottagers. Just think of the power boats! Their strange noise could make the unidentified creature very tense. Be wary – it could be the cause of any and all boating accidents on the lake.

Please join our intensive search efforts. All are encouraged to help. The monster must be captured alive before a tragedy occurs!

We are counting on the population to send us any photo or clue that might lead to its capture. Please send any evidence you might gather to monstre [!at] or call the Anti-Monster Squad at 450-297-3979.

A reward proportional to the physical state of the monster is guaranteed. It is therefore crucial that it be unharmed so it can shed some light on its presence here.

Published in the year 2012, by the Honorary Members of Cleanliness University, in collaboration with the Chair of the Department of the Odeur des Légendes (

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