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The Legend

The Dreamer

Tangerine soap


Do you know what our Dreamer was dreaming about? Follow the scent of this legend!

Once upon a time, there was a young man whose head was filled with dreams. He dreamed night and day, to the consternation of those around him. Why did his teachers, parents and friends get so impatient? Even if he’d understood, he couldn’t help it – his mind was elsewhere, high above his body, floating in the clouds with the smell of the tangerine he always had in his pocket wafting around him.

What did he daydream about? What didn’t he daydream about? A faster way to get to school than walking. Walking on the moon. Talking with his grandmother who lived far away. A machine to do the laundry more quickly so he and his mother could daydream together.

On the rare occasions when people asked about his dreams, they would always say that the dreams were unrealistic. They would never come true. As he grew, so did his determination to prove the whole world – the entire intergalactic universe – wrong! As he grew older, he came to realize that his childhood daydreams were not so far-fetched after all. Some even came true.

When the time came, he decided to enroll in medical school. His parents, convinced that his wandering spirit made serious studies a poor fit, withheld their financial support. He persevered and earned his medical licence. But he never stopped dreaming. He decided that he could help even more people. His optimism and ability to speed headlong into the future served him well in pharmaceutical research.

Long estranged from his parents, he was unaware that his mother was suffering from an incurable disease. But by a happy twist of fate, the dreamer-turned-doctor had developed the medication that would ultimately save his mother’s life. Never again was he chided for dreaming, and he became an inspiration for many generations to believe in their dreams.

For my son, the dreamer and inventor. To all of my entrepreneurial friends, who one day had the courage to believe in their dreams.

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