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The Legend

The spirit of the forest

Bayleaf, Rosemary & Bergamot soap


In the beginning, there was nothing. Then on the earth, came blue: the Water. Then on the earth, came yellow: the Sun. And then came the fusion of these two colours: the first green. The wind spread green across the land; and thus the forests were created.
The Forest Spirit watches over, guides and protects all forest life, ruling and governing it like laurel in your garden. He is at one with earthy scents like humus and undergrowth, soil and leaves, mushrooms and lichen. Considering every shade of green sacred, he sows some of the toughest weeds in the most arid soils solely with the goal of returning hope to those places. It is a blue hope, a forget-me-not blue that is said to be the colour of his eyes...
Inspired by his whim, the Spirit decorated the forest – the lungs of the planet – with its most bizarre, incredible and hard to categorize plants. And secretly he made some species disappear, to the great consternation of humans, who put them on endangered lists.
The Spirit was one with the forest, which was as much a part of him as he was a part of it. To ensure that humans do not invade the forest and disturb him in his mission to keep nature healthy, he also created some evil creatures: from tiny midges to big bad wolves, not to mention elves, gnomes and Wendigos, the kinds of creatures that inspire fear in humans. To camouflage their fear, they tell legends about them – but no tree, plant or creature can hide a man’s worst fear: being alone in the forest, face to face with himself.

The Botanist

They are there, one in front of the other. One is human, the other plant. This is THE meeting between the botanist, Brother Marie-Victorin and the Mingan thistle, a rare...

The Conteur

Jean Converse was born to an Anglophone father and a Francophone mother, an exception for the time.

The Globetrotter

While the exploration and discovery of territories, throughout history, seemed to be a profession reserved for men, in recent decades we have seen the appearance of a new species of...


Alice Brassard, nee Poulin, was born into a family of seven children in St-Georges-de-Beauce in 1923. She had the curiosity and intelligence that could have carried her on to higher...


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