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How can I improve the health of my hair?

To have healthy hair, we strongly recommend using a natural shampoo. Shampoo bars are a natural, effective and environmentally friendly option. What could be better than having healthy hair while reducing your impact on the environment? Some people may not be familiar with all the benefits that bar shampoos have over traditional shampoos. The former have many benefits and you will definitely find one that will satisfy all your hair's needs.

In addition to avoiding plastic bottles, shampoo bars are a more economical option than conventional shampoo. In fact, each bar is equivalent to three 250ml bottles. These bars are easy to store and are a great option for those who love the nomadic life. Their format is very practical, you can slip them into any bag and make these products wonderful companions for adventures. Whether you have dry, oily, non-voluminous or untamed hair, don't worry, there's sure to be a shampoo bar perfect for your hair type.

For normal hair

Mont-Ferréol Sea-Buckthorn 

The word that best describes this shampoo is softness. Cocoa butter and castor oil nourishes, moisturizes and softens the hair wonderfully. It will leave your hair shiny and silky.


This mineral-rich shampoo strengthens and promotes hair growth with clay and pink salt.

For dry hair

Mrs Mophead

Thanks to this shampoo bar, your hair will regain its natural shine! Its vitamin B6 content stimulates hair growth and the sage gives it shine.

Red Clay Shampoo

This red clay shampoo is ideal for hair in need of softness, nourishment and moisture. The formulation of this shampoo contributes to the shine of your scalp and lengths.

For oily hair

Thorough hair care soap

This shampoo is specially adapted to heavy or thick hair. It is anti-dandruff and fortifying, in addition to being a great natural shine.

Marshmallow and Cedar Shampoo

This marshmallow and cedar shampoo is designed to take care of an oily scalp or a scalp that tends to itch. It contributes to the shine of the hair thanks to the marshmallow powder.

For dyed hair

Blonde and white hair

This shampoo is designed to revive blonde and white hair. The essential oils of lemon and chamomile have been specially chosen for their lightening properties. Its blue-mauve color will help keep the unwanted yellowish effect away.


This shampoo bar is made with olive oil macerated with nettle and marshmallow that makes it gentle and helps nourish and strengthen hair.

Let us know which shampoo bar is your favorite for your hair type!


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