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Lavender: a wonderful ingredient

Everyone knows the sweet and delicious smell of lavender. Although this flower is popular for its smell and beautiful appearance, lavender has many other benefits.

Native to Europe, this plant has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. In addition, lavender also has calming properties that help reduce stress and is a good insect repellent. Lavender also keeps lice away, making this essential oil a must-have for the upcoming school year! For all these benefits, we at the Savonnerie des Diligences have chosen to include this ingredient in many of our products.


The lavender contained in this soap acts as a soothing oil for the tormented mind as well as for sensitive and reactive skin.


This soap is an excellent outdoor choice! It is ideal for the body, face and hair. Lavender soothes itchy skin from insect and wasp bites.


Mère-Grande soap is comforting: it is like a big hug for the skin, an envelope even for eczema prone skin. Lavender will help with its calming and anti-inflammatory properties.


Let yourself be enchanted by this exfoliating soap with lavender and rosemary! Lavender soothes itchy skin and rosemary is known for its antioxidant and antibacterial properties.


This natural deodorant with lavender is a strong and natural anti-odour protection. It is the best alternative to antiperspirants and is the best ally for active people.


An all-natural, moisturizing and protective lip balm made with shea butter, sunflower oil and beeswax. It will soften and nourish your lips.


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