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Spring skincare guide

Winter is almost behind us, and spring is once again knocking at our door! Milder temperatures, melting snow, the first crocuses and we are once again feelling the soft warmth of the sun on our skin. With the changing season, our skin can need extra love. With that in mind, we have created this little guide of spring skin care to help you take full advantage of the season!

Even though we are more than ready for the warmer temperatures, let’s not forget that our skin needs a bit more time to adapte. The change in humidity, exposure to the sun and outdoor activities (that will be more and more frequent) requires that we take extra care.

The big spring cleaning

To get our skin springtime fresh, it is important to choose a soap that will offer a deep clean as well as added radiance.

  • The Mermaid is a grey clay soap that is ideal for normal to oily or damaged skin. Thanks to the combination of grey clay and grapefruit essential oil, it regenerates tissues, remineralizes and rebalances the skin. This soap is very useful to stabilize the sebum of teenagers skin. It will also calm acne in the back and will be useful as a shampoo bar.
  • The Dreamer a 3-in-1 moisturizing soap is a real treat! Like tangerine essential oil, it's a powerful mood tonic. Its citrus scent is enchanting, refreshing, delicate and sweet. It brings summer, warmth, daydreams and the desire to travel.
  • With spring blossoms not far away, we could not forget to mention The Queen Bee! This sweet soap is a real treat for sensitive skin. It's softening and nourishing. It's also an excellent 3-in-1 choice. This soap is even effective for reactive skin and children.It contains no essential oils, only the smell of honey that caresses the finest nose. The natural antibiotic properties of honey give this soap restorative powers for the skin.
  • After these past winter months, The Poet is a fresh and soothing antibacterial soap for restless and troubled minds! Its scent has notes of lime blending with the floral scent of lavender. This soap is good for the spirit by cleansing and purifying the mind.
  • Just like spring flowers, The Fairy has a balanced and velvety scent that combines the right amount of lime and ylang-ylang. It's rich and very sensual. In addition, this soap is soft, delicate, soothing and resolutely feminine!

Nothing better than fresh skin

The icy cold winter months definitely dry out our skin. With the increase in humidity and higher temperatures, this is the ideal time to offer our skin a light exfoliation. This will help eliminate the epidermis’ dead cells thus allowing our other treatments to better penetrate the skin.

  • To get rid of dead skin, we recommend Chaga Facial Scrub.This chaga powder whipped exfoliating butter is non-comedogenic and features several indigenous ingredients such as the chaga -a northern forest wild fungus-, thuja, juniper and sunflower. A small boreal cocktail, well adapted to all skin types and suitable for daily use. 100% vegan product.
  • The Taiga exfoliating soap has cranberry, this small emblematic fruit of North America, as its’ signature ingredient.It exfoliates the skin, stimulates blood circulation and relieves heavy legs thanks to the seeds of this small red fruit. Combined with the aromas of peppermint and wintergreen, this soap is the perfect morning wake-up call! This product is 100% vegan!
  • Spring also brings the beginning of the gardening season! The Gardener is an antibacterial and antiseptic soap that is a gift for gardener's and cook's hands. Pumice powder is an extraordinary exfoliating ally that thoroughly cleans organic stains embedded in the grooves of hands and fingers. It even cleans motor oil from the hands of mechanics. Its daily use will make your hands clean and very soft.

Hydration as soft as sun rays

To complete our skin care routine, it is important to never skip hydration! Hydrating our skin will offer it better protection as well as a fantastic glow.

  • After spending the day taking full advantage of the clement weather, the Capricious Complexion moisturizing facial care will offer a moment of softness and tranquility to your faces’ skin. This long-lasting moisturizing care is made with white spruce hydrolat for extra sensitive skin that cannot tolerate essential oils. You may use it for day, night and even eye contour care. Or, if you wish, as an aftershave lotion to soothe your irritated skin. Feed your skin with oils rich in essential fatty acids! 
  • The Happy Complexion sunflower facial moisturizing care is an excellent choice! Providing an in-depth mosturizing and protective effect, this facial care is ideal for combination to oily complexion. You may use it for day, night and as an effective aftershave lotion. Balsam fir water and black spruce essential oils are known for their astringent properties. Pregnant women will love this facial care!

Tough they are often forgotten when it comes to completing our skin care routine, serums are the ultimate hydrators that will give your skin the most beautiful glow.

  • Face serum #21 : Made with the most nutritious and valuable oils possible, including argan oil, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, apricot oil, wheat germ oil and sweet orange essential oil, Serum #21 is our most advanced formulation yet to help keep your skin glowing.
  • Face serum #13 : Our hydrating and protective serum is a must-have in your daily beauty routine! Non-comedogenic, it deeply nourishes the skin without clogging the pores and rebalances its natural lipidic film, whether it’s dry, oily or even acne-prone. Organic argan and sunflower oils contain natural anti-aging vitamin E and fatty acids that moisturize and soften dehydrated and mature skin, while calming sensitive and reactive complexions

When the forecast calls for balmy weather, we are all smiles yet often neglect those lips! Even as the temperature rises, it’s important to not forget to fully hydrate our lips to keep them soft and healthy. Our lip balms are your smiles’ best ally. Made from natural ingredients and offered in 7 delicious varieties, they are sure to please!

With t-shirts and shorts slowly replacing jeans and sweaters, we all want to make sure that our legs and arms have well hydrated skin. The following body butters are definitely up to the challenge!

  • Our Light Step Body Butter helps you to say goodbye to heavy aching legs! Massaging this moisturizing butter on your feet, ankles and legs will improve blood circulation and relieve heavy legs and muscles aches.It also helps to fight cellulite and moisturize very dry, cracked, itchy skin! What’s not to love!
  • Pink Wintergreen Candy Body Butter deeply hydrates dry skin. Its’ Wintergreen essential oil is well known for its’ sweet camphorated scent. Its’ anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties make this moisturizing and protective butter a wonderful relief for muscle pain and eczema prone skin.
  • Repair balm with whipped shea butter is a must-have for your sunny days. The whipped shea butter contained in this balm will satisfy your skin's needs after sunbathing. The carefully chosen ingredients like calendula sunflower oil, aloe gel, aspic lavender essential oil and of course, shea butter, will leave your skin hydrated, nourished, fresh and as soft as a baby's skin.

Now that your skin care routine is set, it’s time to enjoy the beautiful season that is Spring!


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