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Oily skin essentials

First of all, when looking for body soaps for oily skin, you need to look no further than:

  1. The Spirit of the Forest with bayleaf, rosemary and bergamot contains oil that contributes to a more calm spirit and regulate oily and mixed skin types. The aromas of this soap help us to go back into ourselves and take a meditative journey in our mind. It's an ideal soap to replicate a spa session!
  2. The Gypsy with patchouli leaves no one indifferent! Its anti-inflammatory properties calm acne and eczema. It is suitable for oily, dry and wrinkled skin. In addition to stimulating venous circulation, it is an excellent product for outdoor activities.
  3. The Fur Trader with balsam fir essential oils is a men's favorite! It's astringent and very suitable for oily skin. It is perfect as an outdoor soap, in addition to having virtues of driving away dark thoughts.
  4. Forest Fire soap has activated charcoal as its key ingredient. Its properties for combination and oily skin are surprising: it thoroughly cleanses and absorbs impurities, bacteria and excess sebum from acne prone skin. In addition, activated charcoal particles create a very gentle exfoliating effect.
  5. The Mermaid is ideal for normal to oily or damaged skin. Thanks to the combination of marine mud and grapefruit essential oil, it regenerates tissues, remineralizes and rebalances the skin. This soap is very useful to stabilize the sebum of teenagers skin. It will also calm acne in the back and will be useful as a shampoo bar.

As for a specific soap to clean your face, the Happy Complexion Sunflower facial soap is handcrafted with local organic sunflower oil. Its mild and sweet forest scent will remind you of a slow walk in the woods. It contains Quebec Black Spruce essential oil, which brings energy, joy and happiness! A bit astringent, this soap will be great for normal to oily complexions, but will also relieve sensitive or very dry skin, such as eczema. It makes a great 3-in-1 soap (face, body & hair).

When dealing with an oily and/or itchy scalp, our go-to is the Marshmallow and cedar shampoo. It also contributes to the shine of the hair thanks to the marshmallow powder. It also helps to nourish the scalp well, in addition to lightening the lengths.

Even an oily complexion needs to be kept hydrated. We strongly recommend the Happy Complexion Sunflower facial moisturizing facial care. Providing an in-depth moisturizing and protective effect, this facial care is ideal for combination to oily complexion. You may use it for day or night and as an effective aftershave lotion. Feed your skin with non-comedogenic oils rich in essential fatty acids... A real treat! Balsam fir water and black spruce essential oils are known for their astringent properties. Pregnant women will love this facial care! For Her & Him!


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