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Mature and dry skin essentials

Quite a few options are available for the perfect body soap!

  1. Our Mama Karité soap is a natural soap with 50% fair trade shea butter from Mali. Without essential oil, it is suitable for sensitive or irritated skin and babies. It is especially loved by skins that tolerate nothing or almost nothing. Its creamy, rich and velvety foam makes the soap moisturizing for the skin. It's just like softness in a soap!
  2. The Chocolate Maker soap is an excellent choice for facial care! The antioxidants contained in cocoa help moisturize the skin and give it elasticity and radiance. It increases blood circulation, while remaining a first choice for delicate, sensitive and reactive skin. It's a soap that is comforting and invigorating for all situations. You will love its subtle chocolate fragrance!
  3. Our Vegan soap with geranium and Ylang-Ylang has an aphrodisiac scent that leaves no one indifferent! It is ideal for sensitive skin as its essential oils relieve skin ailments. This soap regulates, improves and revives dry or oily skin, as well as regenerates mature skin.
  4. The Outsider with oats, honey and rosemary is the perfect soap for face and body care. Oats gently exfoliate, removing impurities and dead skin cells. Honey, like oats, is a fabulous ingredient that relieves itching, speeds healing and provides comfort and moisture to the skin. The stimulating rosemary essential oil balances sebum production and revitalizes dull and mature skin. The scent of honey and rosemary makes this soap enchanting and pleasant to the nose.
  5. Our Lady Mellow soap is a baby's best friend : the fine combination of lavender, patchouli and hô wood offers a bewitching, calming, tonic and regenerating experience. It's so soft and Its comforting and soothing scent sets the table just before applying a body butter. It's also excellent as an outdoor soap!
  6. The patchouli scented Gyspy soap is an ode to the 60's incense and the peace and love era! Its anti-inflammatory properties calm acne and eczema. It is suitable for oily, dry and wrinkled skin. In addition to stimulating venous circulation, it is an excellent product for outdoor activities.

For facial skin care

  1. The Radiant complexion sunflower facial soap will bring moisture to dry and reactive skin. In fact, although it turns out to be an excellent 3-in-1 soap (face, body and hair), it is just perfect for your complexion care! Thanks to the rosewood essential oil, it makes a gentle make-up remover for the eyes, promotes blood circulation and illuminates your complexion! What better way to have beautiful skin?
  2. Our geranium and rosewood (ho wood) Face Serum #18 is hydrating and protective. It's a must-have for your daily beauty routine! Non-comedogenic, it deeply nourishes the skin without clogging the pores and rebalances its natural lipidic film, whether it’s dry, oily or even acne-prone. Organic argan and sunflower oils contain natural anti-aging vitamin E and fatty acids that moisturize and soften dehydrated and mature skin, while calming sensitive and reactive complexions.

Hydrating body butters

To hydrate the body’s skin, we suggest first and foremost and without any hesitation our Mellow body butter. Say goodbye to heavy aching legs! Massaging this moisturizing butter on your feet, ankles and legs will improve blood circulation and relieve heavy legs and muscles aches. It can also be used for massaging and moisturizing the body, as it will relieve itchy skin and its essential oils keep mosquitoes away. It can replace traditional moisturizing cream and is excellent for sensitive skin, with eczema or psoriasis. Soothing, it promotes relaxation and happiness!

For very dry skin, our Light Step body butter can also help say goodbye to heavy aching legs! Massaging this moisturizing butter on your feet, ankles and legs will improve blood circulation and relieve heavy legs and muscles aches. It also helps to fight cellulite as its essential oils act on both cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues, it will also help to fight cellulite. Our Light Step butter has a delicious and intoxicating scent that will warm your whole body thanks to lavender, cypres, lemon and grapefruit essential oils! Do not hesitate to apply on cracked, itchy or dehydrating skin, including all those dry and rough patches.

Last, but not least, our Pink Wintergreen candy body butter deeply hydrates dry skin. Wintergreen oil is well-known for its distinctive warm and sweet camphorated scent. Its strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties make this moisturizing and protective butter a relief for muscle pain and eczema.


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