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Our sensitive skin essentials

It can be challenging to find the ideal product for sensitive skin, as it is important to avoid any product that could cause irritations. To help you make easier choices, we offer you everything needed for your skin care routine. You will find not only soaps and hydrating facial care as well as bar shampoos!

Our three facial soap choices are absolutely perfect for sensitive skin! Not only are they extremely gentle and nourishing, they also help blood flow all the while being very soothing.They will appease and give a wonderful glow to even the most sensitive and reactive skin types.

  1. The Happy complexion soap is handcrafted with local organic sunflower oil. Its mild and sweet forest scent will remind you of a slow walk in the woods. It contains Quebec Black Spruce essential oil, which brings energy, joy and happiness! A bit astringent, this soap will be great for normal to oily complexions, but will also relieve sensitive or very dry skin, such as eczema. It makes a great 3-in-1 soap (face, body & hair).
  2. Capricious complexion sunflower facial soap You will be blessed with the most natural soap of our Eastern Sun collection, the 'Capricious', which contains organic sunflower oil known for its natural high amount of vitamin E. This soap will cleanse and take care of the most sensitive skins. A soft and natural nourishing soap, filled with precious oils and antioxidants, without essentials oils. What more could we ask for when we have to deal everyday with a hyper-reactive skin?!!
  3. Radiant complexion sunflower facial soap will bring moisture to dry and reactive skin. In fact, although it turns out to be an excellent 3-in-1 soap (face, body and hair), it is just perfect for your complexion care! Thanks to the rosewood essential oil, it makes a gentle make-up remover for the eyes, promotes the blood circulation and illuminates your complexion! What better way to have a beautiful skin?

Our moisturising facial cares and serums should not be overlooked when thinking of the perfect sensitive skin routine.

  1. Capricious complexion moisturizing facial care is long-lasting and made with white spruce hydrolat for extra sensitive skin that cannot tolerate essentials oils. You may use it for day, night and even eye contour care. Or, if you wish, as an aftershave lotion to soothe your irritated skin. Feed your skin with oils rich in essential fatty acids... A real treat! For Her & Him!
  2. Radiant complexion moisturizing facial care provides lasting in-depth moisturizing and protective effects. Made with white spruce hydrolat, it soothes dry, sensitive or reactive skins (although it is also suited for all skin types). You may use it for day, night and even eye contour care. Gentle rosewood, lavender, benzoin and goldenrod essential oils are kind to the more delicate skins; they will stimulate blood circulation and help treat rosacea.
  3. Face Serum #21 with apricot and sweet orange contains the most nutritious and valuable oils possible, including argan oil, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, apricot oil, wheat germ oil and sweet orange essential oil, Serum #21 is our most advanced formulation yet to help keep your skin glowing. 75% non-comedogenic, it is nourishing, soothing and antioxidant. Argan oil contributes to the radiance of the complexion and the suppleness of the skin, rosehip oil offers exceptional anti-aging action and attenuation of dark spots, jojoba oil protects the skin of dehydration and wheat germ oil helps in the fight against the signs of aging in the skin. The essential oils contained in this serum also offer several antioxidant and purifying properties. It is simply excellent for sensitive or irritated skin!

Once again, you will find a large variety of our soaps suited for sensitive skin!

  1. The Miss Clairefontaine lavender cream soap is 3-in-1, ultra-moisturizing and suitable for all skin types. The lavender in this soap acts as a soothing oil for the troubled mind as well as for sensitive and reactive skin. In addition to having a creamy and velvety texture, it is a delight for lavender lovers!
  2. Mama Karité is a natural soap with 50% fair trade shea butter from Mali. Without essential oil, it is suitable for sensitive or irritated skin and babies. It is especially loved by skins that tolerate nothing or almost nothing. Its creamy, rich and velvety foam makes the soap moisturizing for the skin. It's just like softness in a soap!
  3. The Chocolate Maker, made with real cocoa, is an excellent soap for facial care! The antioxidants contained in cocoa help moisturize the skin and give it elasticity and radiance. It increases blood circulation, while remaining a first choice for delicate, sensitive and reactive skin.
  4. Mère-Grande was created for babies and adults with sensitive skin in mind, as it contains the least amount of essential oil. Thanks to the shea butter, it's also our best moisturizing soap. Instead of plain olive oil, we make this soap from olive oil infused with marigold (calendula officinalis), a plant known for its ability to soothe skin irritations such as eczema.
  5. The Queen Bee soap is a real treat for sensitive skin. It's softening and nourishing as well as an excellent 3-in-1 choice. This soap is recommended for reactive skin, and caters to children, even newborns. It contains no essential oils, only the smell of honey that caresses the finest nose. The natural antibiotic properties of honey give this soap restorative powers for the skin.
  6. The Maple Syrup is a gourmet soap made with our neighbors maple syrup : the Simard Coté maple sugar bush! This sweet soap is a true delight for sensitive skin as it's softening and nourishing. This maple sirup soap is an excellent choice for body, face and hair, even for reactive skin, children and babies.
  7. Septentrion soap contains Labrador tea, a northern plant found in the tundra, bogs and forests of North America, is the signature ingredient of this soap. Made with a maceration of Labrador tea, calendula, and a touch of cocoa butter, this essential oil-free soap is ideal for sensitive skin, pregnant or nursing women as well as children. This product is 100% vegan.
  8. The Vegan soap with its aphrodisiac scent, ideal for sensitive skin, leaves no one indifferent. Its essential oils relieve skin ailments, revitalize the skin, harmonize the mind and act as a sexual tonic. Versatile, they have the particularity of being suitable for all skin types! They regulate, improve and revive dry or oily skin, as well as regenerate mature skin.

For your hair and scalp:

  1. The Thorough hair care soap is specially adapted for heavy or thick hair. It is anti-dandruff, fortifying as well as giving your hair a great natural shine. It is as suitable for oily hair, thanks to the astringent properties of cedar and tea tree as it is for dry hair, thanks to the very nourishing base oils. It is gentle on sensitive or irritated scalps.
  2. The Nature shampoo without essential oils is one of the purest shampoo bars. Trust it to gently cleanse and hydrate your scalp and its lengths. Plus, it will have the same effect on your skin. It really is the perfect 3-in-1!

To hydrate your bodys’ skin, our Mellow Body Butter is a must! It is great for massaging and moisturizing the body, it will relieve itchy skin and its essential oils keep mosquitoes away. It can replace traditional moisturizing cream and is excellent for sensitive skin, with eczema or psoriasis. Soothing, it promotes relaxation and happiness!


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